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    bodybuilding for everyone i prehrana sportasa, neven corak... ovo je obavezno imati u kolekciji...

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    Re: knjige-must have

    stavi još ak nađeš dobrih
    "Čini mi se kao da sam prostor u kojem se nešto zbiva...Svatko od nas je svojevrsno križanje na kojem se nešto zbiva...Nešto se drugo, jednako vrijedno zbiva drugdje. Nema odabira, to je samo pitanje slučajnosti." Claude Lévi-Strauss


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      Re: knjige-must have

      170 Fitness and Bodybuilding EBOOKS

      101 Tips to Lose 10 pounds.pdf
      19 Tips To Build Muscle.pdf
      A Guide To Healthy Eating And Losing Weight.pdf
      All about Doggcrapp and DC Training.doc
      Alwyn Cosgrove - Strength And Conditioning Interrogations.pdf
      arnold training_chest.pdf
      arnold training_delts_arms.pdf
      arnold training_legs_back_abs.pdf
      Beginers Guide To Bodybuilding (Muscle And Fitness).pdf
      Bill Phillips - Body For Life.pdf
      Bodybuilding - Muscle and Fitness 101 Workouts UK Australian Edition Magazine Special Issue 2005.pdf
      bodybuilding - personal Trainer program.pdf
      Bodybuilding - Pete Sisco - Train Smart (Static Contraction - Power Factor).pdf
      BodyBuilding - Secret Exercises.pdf
      Bodybuilding - Thinking Big Ii, By Skip La Cour.pdf
      Bodybuilding - Weightlifting Training Database Book.pdf
      Bodybuilding McRobert, Stuart - Weight-Training Technique, Second Edition.pdf
      Bodybuilding-Mike Mentzer - Heavy Duty Nutrition.pdf
      Body_Building_-_Universal_12_Week_Bodybuilding_Course__English_.p df
      Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed
      Brooks Kubik - The Dinosaur Strength Training Notebook.pdf
      Burn Secret.pdf
      Chamberlain Bros - 2005 - Charles Atlas - Ten Steps To A Better Body.pdf
      Championship Bodybuilding [].pdf
      Charles Poliquin - No Holds Barred Interview (2005).pdf
      Charles Poliquin - The Poliquin Principles.pdf
      Charles Staley - The Unnatural Athlete.pdf
      Chemical Muscle Enhancement.pdf
      Chemical Wizardry - Anabolic Steroids for Bodybuilders.pdf
      Chemical Wizardry Complete.pdf
      Chemical Wizardry.pdf
      Chris Aceto - Championship Bodybuilding.pdf
      Chris Aceto-Everything You Wanted To Know About Fat Loss.pdf
      Christopher Gerriero - Maximize Your Metabolism.pdf
      Christopher_Sommer_-_Building_An_Olympic_Body_Through_Bodyweight_Condi tioning.pdf
      Cristhian Thibaudeau - Black Book of Training Secrets.pdf
      Dan Duchaine's - Dirty Dieting Newsletter.pdf
      Dan DuchaineBody-Underground Bodyopus 5.pdf
      Dan DuchaineBody-Underground Bodyopus Body Opus 1.pdf
      Dan DuchaineBody-Underground Bodyopus Body Opus 3.pdf
      Dan DuchaineBody-Underground Bodyopus Body Opus 4.pdf
      Dan DuchaineBody-Underground Bodyopus Body Opus 6.pdf
      Dan DuchaineBody-Underground Bodyopus Opus 2.pdf
      David Kirsch - The Ultimate New York Body Plan.pdf
      DC modifications during precontest and cutting bodyfat.pdf
      DC Training, by DC.doc
      Doggcrapp Blasting and Cruising.pdf
      Doggcrapp How To Cure Shoulder Problems.pdf
      Doggcrapp Training.pdf
      Doggcrapp Workout Schedules.pdf
      Ellington Darden - Bigger Muscles in 42 Days.pdf
      Gear Monster - A Comilation of Anabolics and Nutritional Supplements.pdf our.PC.eBook-EEn.pdf
      Health and Bodybuilding - CS Publishing - The Insider Encyclopedia on How to Build Muscle and Might.pdf
      Healthy Low Carb Recipes.pdf
      How to Absolutely Positively Know When Your Body is Burning Fat (ebook).pdf
      How to Lose Weight Using Your PC.pdf
      Jason Ferruggia - 101 Greatest Exercises For Size.pdf
      John Alvino - Mass Building Shakes.pdf
      Kevin Trudeau - Natural Cures - Jan. 2006 ebook.pdf
      Laymans Guides - Episode 3.pdf
      Libros_Culturismo__Bodybuilding__Fisicoculturismo_ Pesas_Ebooks.rar
      Louie Simmons - Westside Training.doc
      Lyle McDonald - A Guide to Flexible Dieting.pdf
      Lyle McDonald - Bromocriptine.pdf
      Lyle McDonald - The Ketogenic Diet.pdf
      Lyle McDonald - The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook.pdf
      Lyle McDonald - The Ultimate Diet 2.0.pdf
      M.DiPasquale - The Anabolic Diet.pdf
      M.DiPasquale-Anabolic Solution for BB.pdf
      M.DiPasquale-Anabolic Solution for PL-PW-mgdpl11.pdf
      M.DiPasquale-The Anabolic Diet.pdf
      Mackie Shilstone - The Fat-Burning Bible.pdf
      Men's Health - Total Body Muscle Plan.pdf
      Nelson Montana - Bodybuilding Truth.pdf
      Nelson Montana - Bottomline Bodybuilding.pdf
      Newsletter snippers.pdf
      Optimum Anabolics - Steroid Sized Muscles Through Natural Hormone Programming.pdf
      Ori Hofmekler - Max Muscle Min Fat.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Beyond Bodybuilding.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Bullet Proof Abs.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Enter The Kettlebell.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Naked Warrior.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Power to the People 2.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - PowerToThe People.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Relax Into Stretch.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Russian Kettlebell Challenge.pdf
      Pavel Tsatsouline - Super Joints.pdf
      Personal Powerlifting.pdf
      Pete Sisco - 3 Things You Must Know For Gain A Mass Size.pdf
      Pete Sisco - CNS Workout.pdf
      Ross Enamait - Ultimate Training For The Ultimate Warrior.pdf
      Science based
      Shawn C. LeBrun - 12 Simple Steps to Get Huge.pdf
      Skip La Cour - Bodybuilding Nutrition.pdf
      Specific Body Parts
      Stuart Mcrobert - Beyond Brawn 2Nd Edition.pdf
      Stuart McRobert - Hard Gainer.pdf
      Stuart McRobert - Why Conventional Bodybuilding Methods Suck.pdf
      The Periodization Bible - powerlifting article.pdf
      Todd Massey - Black Market Report On Ephedrine.pdf
      Tom Venuto - 10 Lies About The Atkins Diet.pdf
      Tom Venuto - Bodybuilding Applied - Big Fat Lies.pdf
      Tom Venuto - Bodybuilding vs Strength Training.pdf
      Tom Venuto - Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.pdf
      Tom Venuto - Foods That Burn Fat.pdf
      Tom Venuto - Measure Your Own Body Fat.pdf
      Tom Venuto - The A-Food, B-Food Lecture - How To Get Good Grades On Your Food Choices.pdf
      Underground_Bodybuilding_Secrets_That_Will_Shock_Y our_Body_.pdf
      US Navy - Peak Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise.pdf
      Vince Gironda - Legend and Myth (334 pages).pdf
      Vince Gironda - Training Secrets.pdf
      Weight Training for Dummies.pdf
      Will Brink - Creatine Report.pdf
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      Will Brink - Muscle Building Nutrition.pdf
      _ebook_-_pdf__-_Secrets_To_Peak_Performance_Fitness__Bodybuilding _.pdf
      Brink's Bodybuilding Revealedbbr-ch6
      Brink's Bodybuilding Revealedbbr-diet
      Brink's Bodybuilding
      Brink's Bodybuilding RevealedBrink's Bodybuilding Revealed.pdf
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      Brink's Bodybuilding RevealedFat Loss Facts, Tips & Tricks.pdf
      Brink's Bodybuilding
      Brink's Bodybuilding RevealedSupplement Company Secrets.pdf
      Brink's Bodybuilding RevealedTasty Fat Loss and Muscle Building Recipes.pdf
      Brink's Bodybuilding RevealedThe Creatine Report.pdf
      Brink's Bodybuilding RevealedThe Perfect Rep.pdf
      Science basedA maximal isokinetic pedalling exercise for EMG.pdf
      Science basedBipedal walking and running with spring-like biarticular muscles.pdf
      Science basedKinematic, kinetic and EMG patterns during downward squatting.pdf
      Science basedMuscle mass gain observed in patients with short bowel syndrome.pdf
      Science basedMuscular activity during uphill cycling.pdf
      Science basedParticipation in road cycling vs running is associated with lower.pdf
      Science basedPrior heavy exercise increases oxygen cost during moderate.pdf
      Science basedToshio Moritani, Tetsuya Kimura, Taku Hamada, Narumi Nagai - Electrophysiology and kinesiology for health and disease.pdf
      Science basedTreating non-specific chronic low back pain through the Pilates Method.pdf
      Specific Body PartsBody-for-Life-Abs-Training.pdf
      Specific Body PartsBody-for-Life-Back-Training.pdf
      Specific Body PartsBody-for-Life-Biceps-Training.pdf
      Specific Body PartsBody-for-Life-Chest-Training.pdf
      Specific Body PartsBody-for-Life-Shoulders-Training.pdf
      Specific Body PartsBody-For-Life-Triceps-Training.pdf



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        Re: knjige-must have

        Originally posted by hardhitter
        bodybuilding for everyone i prehrana sportasa, neven corak... ovo je obavezno imati u kolekciji...
        odlicna knjiga
        Originally posted by Jurica
        ja sam pocetnik s relativno sredenom prehranom znaci 50/50 moglo bi se rec da je sredena.


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          Re: knjige-must have

          MOze netko ponovit linkove jer ovi vise ne rade...

          unaprijed hvala


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            Re: knjige-must have

            W. Phillips - Steroidi...mislim da je 2003. god
            odlicna knjiga