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    Think you know about bodybuilding? Think again.

    It's a fact: You're being fed a pack of lies by the con artists in the bodybuilding industry. And if you want to gain the maximum muscle in the shortest time possible, you must learn to avoid them.

    Read on to find out how you've been scammed (without even knowing it) and how to stop it once and for all.

    In The Bodybuilding Truth, you'll read all about the following:

    -An inside look at supplement companies. (Even the most jaded gym rat will be shocked at how badly you've been f**ked over.)

    -The scoop on personal trainers and strength coaches. Think they know the best way for you to build muscle? (Hint: They don't have a clue!)

    -Traditional bodybuilding techniques that you've been led to believe work. (And why they're dead wrong!)

    -The single worst thing you can do if you want to build muscle. (And almost everyone does it!)

    -The top bodybuilding gurus who are total frauds. (Whatever you do, don't listen to them!)

    -Why timing your nutrients is a complete waste of time. (And what you really need to do to make the most gains from what you eat!)

    -A simple modification to your bicep training. (It will give you bigger guns than you ever thought possible. And it's so simple!)

    -The most effective calve routine you'll ever find. (Add inches quickly, and it takes just FOUR MINUTES a week!)

    -Been reading up on what supplements work and which are a waste? Don't bother. (Most reviewers have ties to supplement companies. Here's the honest lowdown from a guy with no industry ties.)

    -Is safe steroid use possible? (You'll be surprised at the answer.)

    -Why using ephedra actually makes you fatter! (And a cheaper faster alternative for getting the perfect 6-pack.)

    -A unique ab exercise that almost never appears in print. (No, it isn't a variation of a sit-up or leg raise. It's ten times more effective!)

    -Want a great chest? (Forget about bench presses! Here's why.)

    Plus much, much, more!!!

    Ovo su komentari na knjigu:

    "The Bodybuilding Truth is amusing, wide in scope, and on the money.
    Nelson Montana is readier, more willing and quite able to stand up and
    speak up about the trash."

    -Dave Draper, Mr. Universe

    "While other bodybuilding authors are kissing ass in an effort to get
    endorsements, Nelson isn't afraid to tell it like it is. This book will
    upset alot of people, and that's just what this industry needs."

    -Steven Terris, Gym Owner and Training Coach

    "The Bodybuilding Truth is more truth than most guys can handle.
    Montana pulls no punches!"

    -Rick Collins, JD

    "I've read almost everything Nelson Montana has written and I haven't
    seen a bad piece of information yet. The Bodybuilding Truth is a "must
    have" book for any serious bodybuilder."

    -Dennis Weis, (The Yukon Hercules), Bodybuilding Author and Powerlifting

    "The Bodybuilding Truth is the truth!"
    -Dr.Eric Serrano, Nutrition and Sports Conditioning Coach

    "The Bodybuilding Truth is so truthful it's scary! Nelson Montana
    writes about what many of us are thinking but don't dare say out loud."

    -Bruce Castilano, Manager World Gym

    "(Nelson Montana) is a wild stallion in an industry filled with trained
    -Lou Schuler, Fitness Editor, Men's Health

    "(Nelson Montana) is certainly no slouch in regards to his knowledge."
    -Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, MD, MRO, MFS, BofSC, Bodybuilding Author,
    Powerlifting Champion, Heralded Authority on Nutrition and

    "As a police officer and martial arts expert, I like realistic, no fluff
    information. I generally just flip through the muscle magazines and
    only buy them when (Nelson Montana) has articles in them."

    -Bob Davis

    The (chapter on) The Golden Age of Bodybuilding is the most enlightening
    thing I have ever read.

    -Derek D.

    "Good to see you back kicking ass!"
    -Alwyn Cosgrove, Martial Artist, Bodybuilding Clinician

    "Where was The Bodybuilding Truth 10 years ago? I could have saved a lot
    of time and trouble."

    -Warren Seiz - Competitive Bodybuilder

    "I really enjoyed all the diet and exercise tips, especially that REALLY
    BRUTAL ab exercise!!! It's tough and turns the biggest guys into
    pussies! Keep up the great writing -- we all need it out here -- and
    thanks for everything you've helped me learn!"

    -Gabe Bilawa, Bodybuilding website designer

    "I've found (Nelson Montana's) work to be a breath of fresh air."
    -Andy Plefferkorn, Certified PT for 10 years

    "My pathetic lagging parts are becoming quite harder. It wasn't until I
    started reading (Nelson Montana's) theories on lifting that I learned
    how to train."

    -Fulton Lee

    "Nelson Montana is a bright lone voice in an industry of liars and scam
    artists. It needs to be heard."

    -Michael DeMeo

    "Nelson Montana isn't the most politically correct guy in the world, but
    he's a straight shooter. The book is great!"

    -Alwyn Cosgrove, Bodybuilding Clinician

    htio sam vam prevesti sve na hrvatski,ali jbt niti google niti e-rječnik ne mogu prevesti kako spada,gdje god prevedem na hrv ispadne koma prijevod,tako da ćete morati na engleskom.

    link: ... MPLETE.pdf

    samo kliknite i čitajte,voila.

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